The day Akkado was born, we came face-to-face with a giant gap in the Indian market.

High-quality merchandise gives brands serious credibility. The merchandise we saw in the market was doing the opposite.

LABELS was born shortly after Akkado, and rapidly scaled up as an increasing number of brands realised that something different and truly remarkable was happening under one roof.

We had the ambitious (but in our heads, not unrealistic) dream of being able to source anything under the sun when we started out.

Over a decade later, we have over 500 factories that are razor focused on quality, and vetted by the best in the industry.

100% customisation, top-quality sourcing and delivery, warehousing, gifting, flawless call centre management and custom-built tech! That’s our bare minimum.

Our real reward is when a client’s face lights up because they’ve finally found that piece of merchandise which tells their brand’s story perfectly. The special piece that brings alive what they stand for more aesthetically than they dreamt possible.

With Akkado, it’s all possible.

Connect with us, give us a challenge, and get used to having your expectations exceeded.



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