Hearing and sight are two immensely powerful senses independently.

Together, they’re rocket fuel. That’s why audiovisual communication has the power to make or break your brand.

The veteran storytellers, filmmakers, assistant directors, writers and visionaries on this team understand exactly how to harness this power, and how to handle the responsibility to come with agencies.

Lens offers you a world-class content and commercials production unit all set for a new, post-pandemic reality. A mix of innovation, safety and sanitation measures help enable high quality production of digital, product, unboxing, television and audio commercial content. Interstitials is what Akkado Lens is about.

Akkado also leverages strategic partnerships with experienced creators who have deep insight into content and engagement in an OTT world.

The strict Akkado principles of timely delivery are sacrosanct, and despite the chaotic (and often unpredictable) process of pre-production, casting, shooting and editing, we guarantee world-class creativity perfectly aligned to your time plan.

Allow us to guide you through the vision we have for your brand. We guarantee it’ll keep you hooked the way the best cliffhangers do.

Write in to monika.sawhney@akkado.in for any production requirements, whether it’s a few seconds of animation, a branded Youtube series or a high-end consumer television commercial with renowned Indian and global directors.


Television commercial or content production

2D or 3D Animation

Product videos and unboxing

Music videos

Corporate videos

Digital videos

Branded series

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