Akkado LIVE isn’t just any events division.

In fact, events doesn’t even begin to cover what LIVE does.

We can’t compress thousands of dynamic, memorable and wildly creative events into a few paragraphs, but here’s the essence of what we do.

We were born in 2013. Technically, we were a division, but division is the exact opposite of what we stand for.

We stand for unity.
We stand for those heart-thumping, long-term memory searing experiences that people can’t stop talking about.
We stand for bringing brands alive for people to touch, feel, connect and fall in love with.

Live communication, marketing campaigns and digital events? We’re great at all that technical stuff.

But what do we truly excel at?

Breaking addictive and memorable experiences down to their molecular structure to find a formula that works just for your brand.

Creating emotional experiences, not just events.

Scaling up personalised experiences so every customer feels like they know your brand intimately and deeply, even if it’s an event with millions.

This is a division that lives and breathes unity. We practice unity in thought, process and delivery for every project. Unity with your vision.

Connect with us today, for incredible new ways to connect with your customers tomorrow.





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