Loyalty is deeply misunderstood. When brands try and pin it down to a card, an offer, or an event,
they’re squeezing the magic out of this vast emotion.

Most misunderstand loyalty, but this mythical buzzword works wonderfully well for those that can decode it to its full potential.

You have an advantage, because Akkado understands loyalty inside-out.

Loyalty is an emotion. Like all emotions, it comes in waves. It can shift from heart-thumping, pupil-dilating love to the dangerous indifference that every brand fears.

Akkado’s ‘LOYALTY’ division was born in 2014 with a winning formula that’s near impossible to replicate.

The secret of this formula that has delivered without fail for our clients across the board? It changes every time.

Some elements of the mix are constant. Channel partner and customer engagement that excites. Insights backed by real numbers and top-notch data analytics. Strategy, design and technology that work together like a well-oiled machine.

First, we build your brand an unshakeable foundation. Then, we integrate rewards, event management and operations so seamlessly, it almost seems choreographed.

This unique mixture that’s formulaic, meticulous yet wildly creative has enabled us to do all of these things with precision that never falls short of perfect.

We understand that integration is everything.

That’s why we make it possible for you to brief us, and hand over total responsibility

With enviable in-house capabilities to execute from end to end, the only thing we expect from our clients is to show up and be in awe at the end result.

Connect with us today. We promise that one conversation will make you an Akkado Loyalist.


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